Office supplies

File holder

Sizes: Height 1-1/16″, Width 15/16″Ordners-300x132

The file holders are manufactured in four colours, black, grey, green or red. The spine of the file holder has a silver coloured ring and a special label. The file holder contains a two rings silver coloured ‘mechanism’, with five different coloured sheets which subdivides the different documents.

The price of this issue € 25.50

2 copies in stock

Available as DIY kit ( € 11.50)

Sizes: Height 1-1/32″, Width 25/32″Kasboek-300x209

The cash-book is manufactured in five different colours, green, red, black, light grey or brown. The spine of the book is made of textile print paper. The front side has a label saying ‘cash book’. The inner side has a so-called cash-book device with month, receipts, expenses.

The price of this book is € 9.20

1 copie in stock
Exercise book

Height 0.7 inch, Width 1.6 inchschriften-300x225

These exercise books are available in five colors, red, blue, yellow, black/white ‘cow print’ and brown/white giraffe print.
The book has, like an 1:1 exercise book two staples in the spine.
On the cover is a label attached. On request I can write a text on the label as well as on the first page of the exercise book.

The price of this miniature is € 1.70

6 copies of each colour in stock
Note block

Height 1 inch, Width 0.7 inchgel.-kladblok-nl-300x225

The block “100 sheets ruled paper” is obtainable in two variations. White paper with a black top border or recycled paper with a red top border. The block is available in 6 languages; Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Swedish. It contains a front sheet, 11 ruled ‘blank’ sheets and a cardboard back. On request I can write a preferred text on the first sheet.

The price of this miniature is € 2.85

7 copies in English, Swedish, Spanish in stock
Writing map

Sizes: Height 27/32″, Width 1-17/32″Briefpapier-300x177 - kopie

A beautiful portfolio in various colours imitation leather or bookbinders linen. On the inside of the map you will find; at the left side a little compartment with envelopes and at the right side a writing block containing ten pages. The front of this block, as well as the envelope compartment is made of a matching coloured hand marbled paper. A genuine miniature pencil is placed in the spine of the map.

The price of this issue € 25.-

In stock, medium brown, light brown, red .

Available as DIY kit ( € 11.50)

Sizes: Height 57/64″, Width 1-7/32″Tekenmap-300x269

This portfolio is made in four different colours hand marbled paper; green, yellow, blue and purple. The inside of the portfolio is completed with matching coloured paper. The corners are made of textile print paper and the map is tied with black silk ribbons. The art map will be sold with two complementary drawings/paintings

The price of this issue is € 18.50

The green portfolio is sold out
Scotch tape in tape dispenser

Height 0.2 inch, length 0.5 inch
This metal tape dispenser comes from Mexico and is available in various matallic  colors
It contains one roll of scotch tape.
Two extra rolls of scotch tape will be added when you purchase the scotch tape in tape dispenser.

The price of this miniature cost €19.00

Temporarily out of stock