Historical books

 Rembrandt’s Travel Sketchbook

With 5 sketches by Rembrandt 1633

The sketches in this travelsketchbook are the on ly sketches survived, He drew these on grounded parchment with a Silver stift. In the 17th century notebooks like this were often used. The Silver stift was also part of the closure of the book.

Silver mounting with eyelets are located on both sides of the cover. When the book is closed, the pen slides through the 4 eyelets so that the book stays closed.


The book is bound in leather with a gotic binding. A traditional bookbind technique used in the 16 th and 17 th century.

The silver mounting is made by martin Niemeyer of NDesign

This travel sketchbook by Rembrandt with 5 of his sketches and Silver mounting € 545,-

1 copies in stock –  

Liber Amicorum / Autograph book

Height 2,2 cm Width 3,4 cm

An autograph book from 1645, where one would invite friends to write in. The common language to write in those days was Latin.  Or sometimes people would draw drawings applicable to the owner in them.

This miniature facsimile has the same title page and the poem is written in the original in the garland on the second page.

In the poem the owner humbly invites his illustrious friends to add something to his autograph book, so that if they die he would have something to remember them by.

The price of this book is € 70,-

1 copy in stock

This book with the exclusive closure of Jens Torp cost € 200,-

1 copies in stock

Mappe Monde (1700)                                           

A miniature facsimile of a World Atlas by Guillaume de L”Isle published in Paris. The original Mappe Monde is part of the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection Centre of the Stanford University Library.

The book consists of 13 sections of 8 pages and contains 44 maps / cards. The maps are printed across two pages. Some maps are horizontal or vertical fold out maps. The pages are gently stained to give an old look to the book.

The book is handbound in ultra thin leather and embossed with gold foil.

This book is available in two measurements and diffetent colours

Miniature Mappe Monde:  Width 2,2 cm by height 3 cm.             The price of this book without closure is € 225 and                       the book with closure costs € 295-

Bondi size Mappe Monde Width  3,4 cm by Height 5,1 cm

The price of both books is € 225,-

Miniature Mappe Monde, 3 books with closure and 4 books without closure in stock.

Song of Shakespeare (16e Century)11036731_127696397562607_602267671814871114_o

Songs of Shakespeare. ‘Red roses on white.’ This book is a serie of 5 and contains 10 songs of Shakespeare from different plays he wrote;
‘Oh mistress mine, ’When Daffodils begin to peer’ and ‘It was a Lover and his Lass.’

kaft shakespeare

Height: 16,5 mm witdh: 14 mm Deep: 4,5 mm, even smaller than a stamp! The embroidered cover consist of moor than 6600  stitches designed and done by Rachel Roet.

This serie is sold out.

Songs of Shakespeare is also available leather bound.

On the spine the title ‘Shakespeare’  is tooled and on the front cover part a floral frame en the initials W and S.

This charming book costs  € 49,-

1 copy in stock

‘Tulip book of P. Cos 1637’DSC07680

This manuscript contains 54 gouaches of tulips, 12 drawings, drawn by Pieter Holsteijn the younger and Pieter Schagen, which were added to the book at a later stage. Also 7 watercolors of carnations and two drawings of other flowers. Bound in a leather binding, the book block gold on cut, with a gold embossed tulip on the front flat and spine. The original Tulipbook of P. Cos is owned by the University Library of Wageningen Special Collections department.

The booklet is available in two sizes.
Miniature book: height 2.2cm and width 1.6cm.

Made from a leather strap with a gold color
embossed tulip on the back and front of the strap.
The price of this booklet is € 69.

4 copies in stockDSC07685

Bondi size: height 6.4cm and width 4.5cm. This size is available in two versions:

– Brown leather strap with gold-colored embossed tulips on the back € 69
– Dark brown bookbinding linen, with glued illustration € 49

Single sections are available for the experienced bookbinder for € 17.50

Short lessons in Bookbinding (1658)
By D. Bray
Dimensions: Height 2.1 cm Width 1.7 cm

In the 17th century, Dirck de Bray wrote his short lessons in bookbinding. This book is an D. de Bray titel pagina17th century illustrated guide for binding leather and parchment books. He describes the art of bookbinding and illustrated the text with drawings of the various stages of the binding process. The hand sewn book block of this book has twelve sections. The color of the leather cover is varies.

Price: € 69,-   3 copies in stock

For experienced bookbinders the 12 sections are available to bind the book yourself  € 15,-


Bloemhofje 1674
Sizes: Height 0.507″, Width 0.351″

This book is a facsimile edition of Bloem-Hofje written by C. Van Lange in 1674. made by bloemhofje2-300x257 - kopieB. Smidt.

Like the original, it is bound in a light brown leather cover with goldleaf stamped lines and flower motifs. On the spine of the cover there are goldleaf stamped circles.

It contains 25 pages. The text was printed in double spreads on one side of the paper. The bookblock is concertina folded and pasted together to give the appearance of normal leaves. The 18 karat golden flowershaped clasp is made by M Niemeijer.

Benedikt Smidt was a printer from Middelburg. He probably produced this mini miniature as a show-piece to demonstrate his technical ability.

This tiny book has a limited edition of only 20 copies.

The price of this special miniature book is € 725,-

Temporarily out of stock
Vergilius Maronis Opera 1730

Sizes: Height 1.708″, Width 0.551″

The first three books in Latin, of the complete works of Vergilius Maro (70 v.Chr.-19 v. Vergilius-Maronis-BEWERKT--300x237Chr.). Bound in Olive-green- or chalkwhite leather, with a white golden lorgnet in the cover. The lorgnet is made by Jens Torp.

The bound bookblock contains 88 pages.

The Koninklijke Bibliotheek gave their full support for using the original engraved titelpage for this book.

Jan Minell (1625-1670) and Pancratius Maasvicius (1658-1729) were responsible for the design and engraving of the titelpage. The original book is published by Drukkerij Wetstein in Amsterdam in 1730.

The price of this edition is € 260,-

1 copy in stock.

For experienced bookbinders the 12 sections are available to bind the book yourself        € 11.50,-
Wilhelmina boekje

Sizes: Height 10/16″, Width 9/16″

This Wilhelmina pop-up book is a replica of a book published in 1898 for the occasion of the coronation of Queen Wilhelmina (in 1898). The book tells the story of the life of Queen Wilhelmina from baby till her coronation. The book contains four double pop-up illustrations and is bound with a pamflet-stitch. The cover is water coloured by hand. The miniature book will be sold with a numbered certificate with a limited edition of 450 pieces.

The story is told in Dutch.

The price of this book is € 30.-

6 copies in stock  
“La Mode Illustreé”

Sizes: Height 1.2″, Width 0.9″

A wonderful first edition of “La mode Illustreé” from 1874, a French fashion magazine modeblad-278x300published in Paris.

A weekly that appeared on Sunday with beautiful etchings of fashion, styling-details and hairstyles for women.

Slighty coloured through the years, though hardly damaged because the ladies handled their favourite fashion magazine with great care.

“La Mode Illustrée” costs € 7,50 8 copies in stock

The fisherman and his wife

A fairytale by the brothers Grimm


Sizes: Height 1-1/32 ” , Width 6/8 ”

After The 36 page’s are fullcolour

Piggelmee, Het tovervisje, ( in Dutch ) offset printed. The book is bound en will be delivered in a cassette with the illustration of the coverpage of this book on the frontside.

The price of this book is € 23.-       5 copies in stock

This book is also available as a kit ( € 14.00 )