There is a growing body of evidence that tau also has a Canada

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Just to be clear, canada goose clearance sale OP, tau is not an cheap Canada Goose abnromal protein. Canada Goose Jackets Under normal conditions, tau plays a role in regulating neuronal cytoskeleton. There is a growing body of evidence that tau also has a Canada Goose online pathological form, wherein it becomes hyperphosphorylated and forms neurofibrillary tangles which may be toxic to cells and contribute uk canada goose to Alzheimer disease.

My takeaway from this paper would be that the results are canada goose store part of a body of evidence which largely indicate that tau correlates more strongly than amyloid with neurodegeneration and cognitive decline thecanadagooseoutlet in Alzheimer’s disease.

Does this mean tau neurofibrillary tangles cause AD? Unclear.

Does this mean a drug that targeted neurofibrillary tangles would improve cognition and memory in AD patients? Even more unclear.

One question I have about the methodology is related to the imaging agent they use for PET: 18F AV 1451. What does this target? Presumably some tau isoform? But would it only be reading extracellular tau? My impression was that intracellular tangles were more damaging.

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