It even had Phil Moxham from the legendary Young Marble Giants

bearded Bard of Ely talks about his songs

Early songwriting influencesI have found out that it is OK for me to indulge in some blatant self publicity for my songs and moncler coats for men songwriting skills so here goes I will endeavour to tell you a bit about my musical and lyrical creations.

First moncler outlet online store of all I’d like to explain cheap moncler jackets how I got started. It was probably as long ago as 1964 when moncler outlet kids I was 11 and The Beatles and Merseybeat were really happening. I remember having childish dreams shared with some of my school friends of being a pop singer one day. It was from that age on that I was getting to really enjoy popular music and soon discovered that moncler jackets toronto I loved the Rolling Stones much more than The Beatles. I also got into soul and Tamla Motown and ska music. The first LP I bought was You’re All I Need by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell and my first singles were Chuck Berry’s No Particular Place moncler outlet store To Go and Desmond Dekker’s Israelites.

buy moncler jackets Festivals and my favourites at the age of 16By the age of 16 I was going to gigs and pop/rock festivals and listening to John Peel’s Top Gear where I discovered Edgar Broughton Band, Kevin Ayers, The Idle Race, moncler outlets usa Bridget St John and many more acts that were not mainstream but that I became a big fan of.

monlcer down jackets I got a cheap Spanish guitar around the age of 16 I think moncler coats for cheap it was and started to learn to play. I had already been writing poems so to move on to songwriting came naturally enough and by the time I left school in 1971 I had a few songs of my own discount moncler outlet and had started playing support spots locally in moncler coats cheap folk clubs and open mic sessions. I expected it just to happen and it never did. I also was disappointed to discover that audiences far preferred humorous songs and ones with silly lyrics than moncler jackets for women my serious material.

moncler outlet I had a song entitled Extracting the Latex from a Rubber Ducky (now shortened to Rubber Ducky) that had an almost cult following. I cheap moncler had a real rubber duck that I would squeak and would be helped out by friends moncler outlet mall who fancied a bit of fun on stage.

cheap moncler sale I also was backed for a moncler outlet location while by a brilliant classically trained guitarist called Simon Goss and with his help I would do different versions of moncler outlet woodbury the song. “This week we are doing the blues version,” cheap moncler jackets outlet I would say and Simon would immediately come up with a great blues backing for the ditty.

Droid at Windsor Free Festival

At that stage of my life I was known as “Droid”, from my surname Andrews. When I moncler jackets outlet went on stage it was “Droid and Friends.”

cheap moncler outlet In 1973 I managed to convince them to let me on between acts at Windsor Free Festival and ended up getting an encore for this song aided and abetted by two friends who squeaked the ducky and blew a kazoo, and with me on vocals and a beat up guitar. The crowd went wild for this but it actually depressed me that this was the sort of trashy song they wanted.

moncler outlet store So I never realised what an opportunity I had then. Nowadays I would jump at such a chance but I was young and foolish!

cheap moncler Van Morrison at the Rainbow Theatre

moncler outlet online And my fame from this song was spreading. I went to London once to see Van Morrison at the Rainbow Theatre and had gone in a pub at the end of a terraced street for a pint beforehand. I was amazed to find that moncler outlet I had some guy shaking my hand and raving on “Oh wow you’re the guy from Wales that does the Rubber Ducky song. All my mates have heard about it and you’ve got to come over and meet them,” he said excitedly.

So my fame had travelled all the way to London from Cardiff but it didn’t translate into a record deal Discount Moncler Coats or anything and depressed me that a song I thought was stupid was getting all this attention. I decided to kill the Rubber Ducky and did so at Chapter Arts Centre in a specially rehearsed new and final version of the song. We (Droid and Friends) had a shoe box coffin and a coffin bearer and my friend Adrian playing the funeral march on a snake charming flute. After that I got nicknamed DRD, which stood not moncler jackets mens for Droid but for Dead Rubber Ducky and people kept saying when are you going to resurrect him?

I did many years later in the ’90s when a recording of the song actually got included first on moncler coats the limited edition plum coloured vinyl EP Mask on Pink Lemon from Germany and again on moncler outlet usa a Various Artists compilation, Take it to the Bridge. My moncler jacket outlet song even made it into being used in the S4C Welsh TV channel’s drama moncler jackets on sale Y Ty (The House.) And CJ Stone wrote about Rubber Ducky in his column in The Guardian and in The Last of the Hippies book.

That lengthy gap in my music career was caused by a combination of factors including drug problems and also becoming a single parent in the late ’70s. I got back into performing after getting into Scientology in 1986 and by ’89 I had a song entitled Jungle Love included moncler jacket online on the Various Artists vinyl LP compilation Meltdown The Album. It even got my name in Q magazine where Paul Davies called cheap moncler coats for women my song “swamp rock” and said it was a “highlight” of the album.

moncler moncler chicago sale Of course this was very exciting and got my hopes up of finally getting somewhere but what followed was several attempts at getting bands together and keeping them going, many small gigs, lots more songs that ended up on cassettes released on underground labels, great reviews in fanzines, some appearances on local TV and radio, but never that elusive “big break.”

moncler outlet sale There were some high points though like getting my song Sound moncler jackets cheap of One included on the Off The Shelf CD Pop Vocals and Instrumentals Vol 3 and from this it ended up being played more than once on the Channel 5 soap Family womens moncler jackets Affairs. I got to play various festivals through the ’90s too including Llanfair Folk Fayre, Newport Jazz Festival, Llanishen Festival and Glastonbury on some of the smaller stages like the Wise Crone.

moncler sale outlet Glastonbury ’98 was a memorable year for me because it was a really wet year and after days of living with mud and water everywhere it was hard to be at your best. However, I had an encore and remember thinking, well, if I can play 45 minutes in conditions like this with just a guitar and my voice as instruments, then I don’t need a band much as I would like one.

I have often been compared with Neil Young, although I know this is more because of my voice than musicianship, but I am moncler outlet uk nevertheless very proud moncler outlets uk of this comparison. And knowing that Neil often plays solo acoustic sets as well as his rocking ones with Crazy Horse, I liked to think that my Glastonbury ’98 performance was such a set.

cheap moncler jackets Another of my rock star “heroes” I am compared with is John Lennon and one of moncler jackets canada the only covers that became a regular part of my set is Stand By Me, which John also did a version of. I interpret the lyric literally though and ask the audience to come and help me out by standing, singing moncler jackets outlet online or dancing by me!

My recordings over the years were made at various cheap studios and also at friends’ home recording set ups. Because I never got to be able to give the songs their best treatment I often dream about redoing all my best ones at a top studio with a top producer!

In 2002 and 2003 I buy moncler jackets toronto was back at Glastonbury again but this cheap moncler jackets wholesale time it was in the role of compere for the Avalon Stage and I also played the Avalon Cafe Stage.

cheap moncler coats By then I had out the song, which was probably the nearest I got to the kind of publicity needed to get anywhere in the crazy world of music, with the release of You’re a Liar, Nicky Wire on the Taffia moncler coats outlet EP on Crai Records. It even had Phil Moxham from the legendary Young Marble Giants on it. Jah Scouse a legend around Cardiff was the other member of Taffia, and he is carrying on with some new musical partners.

Because You’re a Liar, Nicky Wire was humorously taking a poke at the Manic Street Preachers and their bass player it was contraversial moncler jackets kids enough to get banned from a local record store. That got it a rave review in the NME singles page, while it was still a demo, and featured on the BBC R1 Session in Wales site.

It was all looking good but then the sort of luck you don’t need happened because the release on Crai got delayed by something being wrong with the master. By the time the EP was finally out the moncler coats for women BBC moncler outlet canada said it was past its “newsworthiness date” referring as it did to the Manic Millennium of 1999 2000 and so they wouldn’t play it again. discount moncler jackets The BBC can make or break a new act and in my case it was break but in the negative way.

moncler mens jackets In 2003 I was compere and performer at the Green Man Festival and dyed my beard green for this and have kept it. My song Real Love and Communication was included on the Green Man Festival CD on Double Snazzy.

I got asked back to do the 2004 festival as well and was able to appear there. December came, however, and I moved to Tenerife where so far my music hasn’t been a priority seeing as the situation here is a far cry from what I was used to and it is much harder to get anywhere with original songs.

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