Yellow Flowers in my own Garden.

Height 2,4 cm Width 2,0 cm

A kind of diary of a gardener, who keeps track of the yellow flowers that make his or her garden bloom. The booklet describes the period of flowering and inflorescence, and where the plant comes into its own best.


Every book has handpainted illustrations.

The price of this garden album is 175,- €

Only available on order


Stamp- and Cigar strap album
Stamp album

Sizes: Height 29/32″, Width 6/8″

The cover of this album in dark blue or dark red leather has a crown blind tooled on the
front. The book block has six pages of which three of them are filled with stamps with perforation. The other three pages are ready for use. The stamps aren’t glued on the pages but are stocked behind the little strips and can be removed with the silver coloured genuine miniature tweezers. The stamps are copies of real Dutch stamps from the period 1876 until 1950.

The price per tweezers is € 5.50
The price per album is € 95.- 

2 copies in stock

Cigar band album

Sizes: Height 23/32″, Width 27/32″

The Cigar-band album is manufactured with a hazelnut brown leather cover. PostzegelensigarenbandjesboekjeThe first 3 pages are stock with cigar bands are copies of cigar bands from Dutch cigars “Elisabeth Bas”.

The cigar band isn’t glued and can be removed with the silver coloured genuine miniature tweezers.

The price per album is € 95,-

2 copies in stock

Photo Album

Sizes: Height 1-3/32″, Width 1-11/32″

The photo album can be manufactured in different colours of eelskin, it is also possible toFotoboekdicht-300x164 Fotoboekopen-300x145bind the album in imitation leather. The photo album has a bound book block of black paper with pergamijn paper in between and contains 12 pages.
The price of this album manufactured in leather is € 60.-

3 copies in stock

Available as a DIY kit € 10,-
Wedding album

Poetry Album
Sizes: Height 23/32″, Width 10/16″

This poetry album is a typical Dutch item. The album is usually for girls and women, who Trouwalbum1-300x230asks relatives, and friends to write little poems and kind thoughts joined with a romantic or nostalgic illustration. On the cover, manufactured in various colours imitation leather, the word “poesie” is gold tooled. It is sold with a hand-written poem and a small illustration.

The price of this album is € 15.-

3 copies in stock

_Available as a DIY kit € 5,-


Children’s poem album
Dimensions: Height 1.8 cm Width 1.6 cm

The Poetry album is a typical Dutch item. It is a book for girls and women where friends poesiealbum-voor-website-238x300and family write wishes and thoughts for the owner. Often this poem is accompanied by a glued illustration. The poetry album is available in various colors imitation leather and has a personalized handwritten poem ‘roses are red, violets are….’ and a glued illustration.

Price €12,-

1 copie in stock