Miniatuurboekbinden Tine Krijnen , IGMA Artisan, exsists since September 1995. I became fascinated with miniature books  at a demonstration of old professions where I demonstrated bookbinding.

Miniature pop-up books became my specialty and since I started making pop-up books I have published 7 different titles the latest is The Model Menagerie from 1895.

Besides pop-up books , I also publish historical books, such as Mappe Monde a world Atlas from 1700 and a fairly new one Collectively Speaking by Kay Browning (2017)

Because I know how fun and fascinating it is to create your own books, I also sell multiple kinds of do-it-yourself kits with clear descriptions. The experienced miniaturists will find printed sections which they can bind books on their own.

I regularly give workshops and teach students miniature bookbinding. The workshop of the pop-up book the Night Before Christmas will be in Chicago  at the Tom Bishop Miniature Show during  April 2020 will be great fun.

Enjoy your visit.                                                     

Kind regards,

Tine Krijnen