ChairmanW 3 points submitted 14 days agoI posted this above but

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Canada Goose sale Anyways, to your canada goose coats point yes but canada goose uk shop just because other people picked/pick cotton does not mean canada goose there isn a negative connotation associated with canada goose uk black friday the phrase for certain people. It like telling uk canada goose Black protesters their cause isn unique because people of all color get shot by the police; might not be the best analogy but I hope you get my point.I certainly not saying the announcer is racist, and I get that it a common phrase for some (including black people), but I feel like it also understandable why some might view the phrase negatively. 10 points submitted 13 days agoThat not how 1 on 1 works. Skill is extremely important, the Kobe/T Mac/Kyrie/KD types are the ones who do best. Not just the dominating physical canada goose clearance specimens. Like Shaq wouldn just be able to dunk it every time.LeBron would get some blow bys and canada goose factory sale post ups, but there would also be a lot of times Jordan would force him into a tough shot. Jordan was a great athlete too, not like he Steph.You can just drive in 1 on 1 at the highest level, you need to be a shot maker.ede91 6 points submitted 14 days agoThere is a might there. Canada Goose online These issues are not single source issues, just because a single variable is not cheap Canada Goose correlate on its own perfectly does not mean that a set of variables including that one will not either.Historically increasing the quality of education did correlate with lower crime rates in many Canada Goose Parka areas around the world. Not an instantaneous affect though but 1 2 decades. The very least we should have trend of money spent in the past, the current incarceration rate will be a lot canada goose uk outlet more affected by the funding 20 40 years ago than 4 year ago if this hypothesis is valid.ChairmanW 3 points submitted 14 days agoI posted this above but yeah also the data is actually $$$ spent Canada Goose Coats On Sale per pupil rather than “better education” (whether it be literacy, SAT scores, graduation rate, or whatever metric). I am sure more $$$ spent is better than less $$$ spent but it does not automatically mean a better education.NY State is actually one of the worse offenders for having a high $$$ spent per pupil but a lot of schools not receiving adequate funding due to unfair distribution. 14 points submitted 27 days agoSpent Wednesday evening at a small craft bar in Chattanooga called Robar. Near Canada Goose Outlet the river Canada Goose Jackets and the aquarium, and two blocks from my hotel (which became an important consideration as the evening wore on).Fantastic, small, intimate, and uk canada goose outlet cozy. Absolutely no one under 21 admitted. Green Chartreuse, Fernet Branca and Campari on the speed rail (always a good sign). Happy hour menu that included the Ferrari, Boulevardier, Whiskey Sour, Hanky Panky, Amaretto Sour, and the Adonis for under $8It was a quiet night, just me and a few regulars. The fantastic, talented, young bartender made me a beautiful Manhattan canada goose coats on sale with Rittenhouse and Cocchi Torino, followed by a Hanky buy canada goose jacket Panky. After buy canada goose jacket cheap a Canada Goose Online round of Fernet shots, things got fun canada goose store as we all started playing with canada goose clearance sale recipes, and passing things around to taste.A great night, in a fantastic little bar. If you’re in Chattanooga, check them out! 8 Canada Goose sale points submitted 27 days agoI all for these protests and 100% behind the movement but the one thing I not ok with is blocking roads. You have no idea what is going on with people and it could literally get canada goose black friday sale someone killed. The potential consequences of doing this are tremendous and there are other way to haydar-furniture get that attention without putting canadian goose jacket people in potentiality dangerous situations. Hell they got a basketball game cancelled and national attention by protesting around the arena. Protests should inconvenience people and force them to notice but it not a productive event if you just hurting people(significantly I don count missing the game as hurting) more on top of what you already protesting about. 3 points submitted 27 days agoFirst I want to say I am not necessarily for this method of protest, merely pointing out the reasoning behind it.To address your point, I doubt the protesters want to endanger people lives. Shutting the game down canada goose sale and even gaining national attention in the process is good, cheap canada goose uk but people may feel that it not enough or that it ineffective Canada Goose sale.

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